On the Subject of The Moon

I’ve waited long enough now for them all to come around; and though the sun may plead and threaten, the moon will stand her ground! So say goodnight to this, the final setting of the sun; tomorrow dawns in darkness. The night-time has begun!

  • The module consists of eight “outer” crescents, eight “inner” half-moons, and a center button. Buttons on the same compass point are considered to be a set.
  • Four adjacent sets start out lit, four unlit. We will refer to them as “lit 1–4” and “unlit 1–4” in clockwise order.
  • Find the correct button for each set by calculating a value x as directed by the left table below, then look up its modulo-7 value in the right table.
    lit 1D batteriesx % 7Button
    lit 2AA batteries0outer
    lit 3Digits in serial1outer
    lit 4Port plates2outer
    unlit 1Modules3inner
    unlit 2Consonants in serial4inner
    unlit 3Indicators5center
    unlit 4Ports6center
  • Determine the first set to solve by taking the sum of the serial number digits modulo 4 and using the following table.
    unlit 4unlit 1unlit 2unlit 3
  • The next 6 sets are determined by the characters in the serial number. For each character, move to the next set as directed below:
    0 1 3 5 7 8 A C E G H J L M O Q S T V X Y2 steps clockwise
    2 4 6 9 B D F I K N P R U W Z2 steps counterclockwise
    If this moves you onto a solved set, continue moving a single step in the given direction until you reach an unsolved set.
  • The final set is the last set that remains.
  • The module will be solved once you have correctly pressed eight buttons or when you have pressed the center button.