On the Subject of The Number Cipher

Nobody is quite sure why this thing resets every few seconds. It’s probably for health and safety reasons.

  • The module consists of three rotating numbered cubes, three coloured lights and an execution array.
  • To disarm the module, input the correct digit into the array in accordance with the below Venn diagram and press the execute button.
  • The number cipher will automatically reset every 20–40 seconds; the timer bars will activate 10 seconds prior to the reset.
  • The reset will potentially change the light colours and rotate the numbered cubes.
  • Inputting an incorrect digit will lock the module until the next reset and cause a strike.
  • In the below Venn diagram, the three digits are referred to as a, b, and c.
(a×b + c) % 9(9 if 0)(a + c) % 10(a×c) % 10(a + b×c) % 9(9 if 0)(a×b×c) % 9(9 if 0)(b×c) % 10(b − c) % 10(a + b + c) % 9(9 if 0)