On the Subject of The Overflow

The infection grows...

  • This module grows at a constant rate in order to cover up other modules.
  • Press the green button to reset the module to its initial size. Keep track of the number of resets.
  • After an undefined amount of resets, or half of the modules have been solved, the module will go into submission mode. This is signified by the lack of growth.
  • Take the number on the display corresponding to the last digit of the serial number, with the number starting with the asterisk being 0 and counting up, and index into that number the amount of resets with the leftmost number being 0. Wrap around as necessary.
  • Alter the digit you get with the table below:
Red -5
Orange -1
Yellow 0
Green +2
Blue +7
  • If the number you get exceeds 10, subtract 10 until it isn't. If it is below 0, add 10 until it isn't.
  • Press the button again when the last digit of the seconds timer is the newly obtained number.