On the Subject of The Pink Button

This is a button. It is pink.

On the module, there is a pink button and a screen flashing words in various colors.

Note down the words and their colors. The word ‘GO’ marks the start of the sequence (but isn’t part of it).

Convert the words and their colors into three-digit binary numbers using their Red, Green, and Blue color components (1=present, 0=absent). Order them 1st word, then 1st color, then 2nd word, and so on.

Go through the sequence of digits from left to right and make the following modifications:

  • If the digit and the last three digits are all 1’s, change this one to a 0.
  • If the digit and the last digit were both 0’s, change this one to a 1.

Now take this binary and convert it into H, R, and T.

  • Convert every 1 to an H or an R, starting with an H and alternating with each 1.
  • Convert every 0 to a T.

Finally, input the result as follows.

  • On an H, start holding the button.
  • On an R, release the button.
  • On a T, wait for the display to say ‘GO’.