On the Subject of Tactfully Simplifying The Screw

You know what? Screw this module...

  • Change 0 to 1.
  • Move to next hole if same as previous.
  • If 1 in stage 1, move to hole 2.
  • Subtract 6 until between 1–6.
    • Hole 1: batteries + unlit ind.
    • Hole 2: last digit + lit ind.
    • Hole 3: ports + holders


    Top Row Bottom Row
    Position = holders 4th Position = port types 2nd
    A in 1st/3rd C Position = batteries D
    Ind. CLR/FRK/TRN 3rd NOT opposite White A
    Blue in top row 1st Adjacent to Magenta C
    Otherwise B Otherwise 1st


    Top Row Bottom Row
    Position = port types D Position = plates 2nd
    C in 2nd/4th B Position = ind. count A
    Ind. CAR/FRQ/SND 4th Adjacent to Yellow C
    Red in top row 2nd Opposite Green 4th
    Otherwise A Otherwise D