On the Subject of The Stare


Each of these modules will have an Eye on it. To disarm them, put all Eyes into their desired states (open or closed), then confirm the state for each Eye.

  • Type: An Eye can be either Normal (as seen on the image in the top-right), Special (has an additional circle around its pupil) or Small (looks like Normal, but is noticeably smaller). If closed Normal will be the bottom half of the image in the top right without the pupil, Special will be same as a closed Normal but with a half circle as a pupil, and Small will be the closed Normal but significantly smaller.
  • Background: An Eye can also be either Plain (plain background), Warped (chaotic background) or Rifted (background with a lighter center).
  • Pressing an Eye will alter its state (from closed to open, and vice versa). You have to alter all Eyes’ states at least once in order to be able to confirm them. To determine the desired state of an Eye, refer to “Determining the Desired State”.
  • Pressing an Eye after all Eyes have been put into their desired states will confirm the Eye’s state and will not alter it.
  • Note: An Eye’s state should only be altered on certain times. Refer to “Time Conditions” for further details. Attempting to alter an Eye’s state at an invalid time will result in a strike and not alter the Eye.

Determining the Desired State

Note: If the rules state when you should open the Eye, but don’t state when you should close it, then you should close the Eye when you shouldn’t open it, and vice versa.
Based on the Eye’s colour, follow the rules below:
  • Red: if the Eye is Normal, close it; if it’s Small, open it; if it’s Special and Plain, close it; if it’s Special and Rifted, open it; if it’s Special and Warped, open it if there’s an even amount of such Eyes.
  • Burgundy: open the Eye if there is another Eye with the same type/background combo OR the Eye is unique in both its type and its background.
  • Gold: open the Eye if the total amount of Eyes on the bomb is less than the initial number of minutes left; however, if the Eye is Small, do the opposite.
  • Yellow or Purple: for these colours, do the following steps for each type.
    • If there’s more of one of the colours: leave only that colour opened.
    • If there’s a tie and there’s more letters from the word “PROSPIT” than the word “DERSE” on the indicators: open only the yellow Eyes.
    • If there’s a tie and there’s more letters from the word “DERSE” than the word “PROSPIT” on the indicators: open only the purple Eyes.
    • If there’s a tie, both colour-wise and letter-wise: open both yellow and purple Eyes.
  • Green: open the Eye if the amount of non-needy modules on the bomb is evenly divisible by X, where X is 3 for Plain, 5 for Warped, and 7 for Rifted Eyes.
  • Turquoise: open the Eye if it’s unique in either its type or its background XOR there's an even amount of letters from the word “TURQUOISE” in the serial number.
  • Gray: start with 0. For each gray Eye, add 1 if the Eye is Small, 2 if it’s Normal, 3 if it’s Special, 5 if it’s Rifted and 10 if it’s Warped. Take the result modulo 50. Close the Eye if the number you get is evenly divisible by 3 or 7, but not 21.
  • White: after all non-white Eyes are set, open the white Eyes if there are more closed non-white Eyes of that type.
However, if there’s exactly two “D”s and no other letters in the serial number, close all Eyes, no matter what.

Time Conditions

For a given Eye, check the condition of each digit:
  1. The Eye is open.
  2. The Eye is unique in its colour.
  3. There are exactly 2 even digits in the serial number.
  4. There are at least 3 differently coloured Eyes on the bomb.
  5. The Eye is neither Normal nor Plain.
  6. The number of disarmed modules is evenly divisible by 5.
  7. The Eye’s color starts with the letter “G”.
  8. The Eye is small XOR neither red nor burgundy.
  9. There are exactly 8 Eyes on the bomb.
  10. None of the previous conditions apply.
The Eye’s state may be safely altered if and only if there is an odd amount of digits which conditions are true on the timer. If the timer is below 1 minute, the time will be calculated in this manner: 00:<2 seconds digits>.

Term Explanations

XOR means “exclusive or”: “A XOR B” is true when one of A and B is true, but not both.

“X modulo Y” means “the remainder of integer division of X by Y”.
For example, 42 modulo 5 = 2, because 42 = 5×8 + 2.