On the Subject of The Stock Market

Wall Street isn’t exactly new to high pressure situations, so what’s a live bomb?

  • The module consists of four companies cycling their quarterly growth/negative growth, a company selection array and an invest button.
  • To disarm the module, invest in the most profitable company according to the criteria below.
  • Investing in the wrong company will reset the companies and figures and cause a strike.
  • Use the tables below to determine the names of the company from the abbreviations.
  • The displays cycle the growth or negative growth of the four companies in each of the last year’s quarters. Quarter 1 is preceded by a short pause.
  • Calculate all four companies’ net growth at the end of the fourth quarter. Ignore any digits after the decimal point.
  • If the difference between the two highest company values is less than 18, increase all companies’ values by their color value as listed in the table below.
  • Invest in the company with the highest value. If there is a tie, invest in the company with the highest value before the previous step.
Company Name Abbreviation Company Name Abbreviation
Admiral Grp. ADM Next plc. NXT
Centrica CNA Quilter QLT
GlaxoSmithKline GSK Royal Mail RMG
HSBC HSB Severn Trent SVT
Imperial Brands IMB TUI Grp. TUI
Marks and Spencer MKS Vodafone Grp. VOD
Colour Value Colour Value
Indigo 16 Red 19
Magenta 5 Green 1
Yellow 23 Orange 11
Blue 15 Purple 7