On the Subject of The Sun

So why is it that now, when all is quiet and at rest; when candles glow and all the world is at its very best... the people all across the land should lock themselves away to shun the moon and wait instead for sister’s sunny day?

  • The module consists of eight “outer” triangular buttons, eight “inner” arrow-shaped buttons, a center button and a lit LED. Buttons on the same compass point are considered to be a set.
  • Find the correct button for each set by calculating a value x as directed by the left table below, then look up its modulo-7 value in the right table. The sets are numbered clockwise from the one with the LED, starting at 0.
    set 0Indicatorsx % 7Button
    set 1Consonants in serial0outer
    set 2Batteries1outer
    set 3Digits in serial2inner
    set 4Ports3inner
    set 5Modules4inner
    set 6Battery holders5center
    set 7Port plates6center
  • Determine the first set to solve by taking the number of modules on the bomb modulo 8. Count that many sets from the north-facing set, starting at 0.
  • The next 6 sets are determined by the characters in the serial number. For each character, move to the next set as directed below:
    5 6 7 8 9 E F G H I O P Q R S Y Z1 step clockwise
    0 1 2 3 4 A B C D J K L M N T U V W X1 step counterclockwise
    If this moves you onto a solved set, continue moving a single step in the given direction until you reach an unsolved set.
  • The final set is the last set that remains.
  • The module will be solved once you have correctly pressed eight buttons or when you have pressed the center button.