On the Subject of The Sun

Is it hot in here or is it just me? No, seriously, is the air conditioning on at all?!

  • The module consists of eight yellow triangles, eight orange arrows, a centre button and a lit LED. Buttons on the same compass point are considered to be a set.
  • To defuse the module, you must press a sequence of buttons in the correct order. Pressing an incorrect button will cause a strike and reset the sequence.
  • Using the location of the LED and the variable table below, determine which button in each set is correct. A ‘+’ sign indicates a clockwise movement.
LED LED +1 LED +2 LED +3 LED +4 LED +5 LED +6 LED +7
Indicators Consonants in serial Batteries Digits in serial Ports Modules Battery holders Port plates
  • For each variable (x) modulo 7, the correct button is:
    • x < 2 = outer button.
    • 2 ≤ x < 5 = inner button.
    • x ≥ 5 = centre button.
  • To determine the order, start with the northern most set and move clockwise for the total number of modules on the bomb. This is your starting set.
  • Convert your serial number letters into equivalent digits modulo 10.
  • Each movement to a new set is represented by a digit of the serial number. Use each digit in order. For each serial digit (d):
    • d < 5 = counterclockwise movement.
    • d > 4 = clockwise movement.
  • For each movement, move only once in the given direction.
  • Do not answer the same set twice. If you are moved onto a solved set, continue moving in the given direction until you reach an unsolved set.
  • After progressing through the digits of the serial number, you will have one set remaining. This is your final set.
  • The module will be solved once you have correctly pressed your eight button sequence or when you have pressed the centre button.