On the Subject of The Tile Maze

A race to avoid the explosion in a moving maze!

See Appendix T1LES for tile reference.

This module has a 7×7 grid of tiles. Above the tiles is four arrow buttons and two rotational buttons. To the right of the tiles is one extra tile and a set of three cards with the bottommost card face up showing a number.

Start by determining the starting tile, which can be determined with the table below using the first correct condition from top to bottom. Press the starting tile to place your token there.

Condition Tile
There are at least four consecutive L-tiles horizontally or vertically Top Left
The top right tile has a red or blue circle Bottom Left
The tile with a green circle connects to two other tiles Top Right
No other conditions were true Bottom Right

Once your token is placed you may begin navigating the maze using the arrow buttons. Your goal is to simply get to the tile that has the number of the face up card on it. However, many paths will not be connected to each other, and it may be impossible to get to the tile with your number immediately. To account for this, after every three moves you must slide the extra tile into one of the even positioned rows or columns. Use the rotational buttons to rotate the extra tile to your desired orientation, and then press the tile on the side of the row or column you wish to slide it into. The entire row or column will be shifted depending on the side the extra tile was slid into. The tile that was on the edge of the side you did not press will slide out and become the new extra tile. If at any point you become stuck on one tile and cannot move, you may place the extra tile until you are not. If your token is on the tile which slides out when placing the extra tile, then your token will move to the tile that was just slid in.

Once you are on the tile that is shown on the card, the next card up will flip over and reveal another number to navigate to. Go to all three numbers and then return to the starting tile and the module will solve.

Placing your token on the wrong starting tile, moving to a tile that is not connected to the tile you were on, not sliding in the extra tile every three moves, or sliding the extra tile into the side where it was just slid in will cause a strike.

Appendix T1LES

The different tile types that can appear on The Tile Maze:

L-tile I-tile T-tile