On the Subject of The Triangle Button

This may seem like acute module, but that's not right. In fact, such a presumption is quite obtuse.

  • The module contains a button shaped like an isoceles triangle, which is pointing in one of eight directions; this orientation is opposite to the button's shortest side (that is, if its shortest side is down near the bottom of the module, the button is pointing up). The button is labeled with a digit and a word.
  • Use Grid A, starting in the square that contains the button's color, then apply the button's direction, wrapping around if necessary, to find whether the button should be tapped (that is, held and released in a single countdown timer tick) when the bomb's final seconds digit is a specific number, held when the final seconds digit is a specific number and released when it is 0 (X/0), or held when the final seconds digit is 0 and released when it is a specific number (0/X).
  • Determine the specific number by adding the displayed digit to the value of each letter on the button's label, as shown on List B. Take this number modulo 9 (Taking X modulo 9 means to get the remainder of the division problem X divided by 9.), then add 1.
  • Your input will be resolved when the button is released or when your tap is finished. A strike is given for incorrect input, and the module is disarmed on a correct input.

Grid A


List B

1: A, E, I, O, U
2: Y, W
3: J, Q, X, Z
4: R, S, T, L, N
5: B, C, D, F, G
6: H, K, M, P, V