On the Subject of The Twin

I sure hope that you don't get to see two of them on the same bomb.

See Appendix COLORBLIND for how module changes when colorblind mode is active.

See Appendix S for The Twin solves delay mod settings reference.

This module contains 10 numbered buttons lining up in arcs and two screens at the bottom left corner where the smaller screen is located at the top right corner of the bigger screen.

This module has 3 phases: Initial phase, Sequence phase, and Submission phase.

The bigger screen is the stage number screen which will show the initial number during the initial phase, stage number during the sequence phase, and last 2 correctly submitted digits in the submission phase.

The smaller screen is the module pair ID which will show the pair ID assigned to the module. The text on this screen will be white only when the module does not have a paired The Twin module.

This module can only be solved after every other non-ignored module is solved or 101 non-ignored modules are solved. A strike will be given if upon an early interaction with the module. If the bomb has less than 2 of such module, The Twin will automatically disarm itself.

In the initial phase, the module background will display both Morse code and color sequence simultaneously. The off state will be in gray color and the on state will be color from the color sequence. A long pause indicates the beginning of both Morse code and color sequence. Use Morse code chart and color sequence table to get two numbers. These number will be used to find the starting coordinates in the tables below color sequence table.

Note that there are 8 possible colors that can appear on the module. They are Gray, Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), Yellow (Y), White (W), Purple (P), and Emerald (E).

Morse Code Chart

Color Sequence Table

Color SequenceNumber

The next table is the remove set table. To find initial position in this table, use color sequence number as column and Morse code number as row. The cell in the top left corner has coordinate (0,0).

Remove Set Table


The next table is the color table. To find initial position in this table, use color sequence and Morse code numbers as column and row respectively. Subtract 6 and 5 respectively from those numbers if either of them is out of range. The cell at the top left corner has coordinate of (0,0).


When the module enters the sequence phase, the background will cycle up to 3 colors where exactly one of them is gray. This represents a total of 2 steps (implying that two steps can have the same color). The gray color indicates the beginning of the first step in each stage. Each step is an instruction to generate the Final Sequence string. Follow the following instructions for each step to figure out the final sequence string:

  1. Add 1 to the previous number. If this is the first step of the first stage, the previous number is the initial number.
  2. Remove any digit of this new number that are in the current remove set. If this is the first step of the first stage, then such remove set is the remove set at the starting position of the remove set table.
  3. Add that number after removing such digits to the end of the Final Sequence string. This string is initially empty.
  4. From the current position in the color table, find the adjacent cell that has the same color as the color of this step. Note the direction that this cell is adjacent to the current position.
  5. Move 1 cell towards that direction in sync for both tables. Both tables wrap around from top to bottom, left to right.
  6. If the number on the stage number screen is red, then the current remove set is changed to the remove set in the current position in remove set table.

If the Final Sequence string is still empty, then this string becomes a single character 0.

When the module enters the submission phase, the stage display will initially turn blank and will show up to the last two correctly submitted digits. If an incorrect digit was entered, a strike will be given but the submission will not reset. Enter all correct digits to solve the module.

If a strike is initiated during the submission phase, the module will start cycling through both initial and sequence phases in the following order:

  1. Module will show the initial phase including color sequence, Morse code, and starting number.
  2. After the long pause, the module will cycle through all stages in sequence phase WITHOUT any pause in between.
  3. After the second long pause, the module will be transmitting the position of the next digit in the final sequence string that the module expects in Morse code.
  4. After the last long pause, the module will cycle back to show the initial phase.
If the second strike is initiated during this time, the module will pause and restart the cycle from the beginning.

If a digit is entered correctly, the module will stop cycling through all previous stages and it will return to regular submission phase.

IMPORTANT: When The Twin has a pair (indicated by the module pair ID screen to be any other color than white), one module of the pair is flipped from left to right. Some information are also either manipulated or swapped. Use the list at the beginning of the next page to figure out which information were swapped or manipulated.

When any of The Twin initiates a strike to the bomb in submission phase, both module (including the fake solved one) will start cycling through all of previous stages simultaneously. When any of The Twin receives the correct digit, both module will stop cycling and return to regular submission phase.

If the module pair ID display is...

  • ...Red, then the final sequence strings were manipulated. Follow these instructions to figure out the new final sequence strings.
    • Take the first n digits and ignore the rest of the strings where n is the length of the shorter string.
    • The final sequence string of the module that is not flipped is the string of the smaller digits in the same position of the two strings.
    • The final sequence string of the module that is flipped is the string of the larger digits in the same position of the two strings.
  • ...Green, then the initial numbers were traded. Swap the initial numbers then generate the final sequence strings as normal.
  • ...Blue, then the background colors in the sequence phase were traded. The background color of one of The Twin indicates the movement in the tables of the other and vice versa.
  • ...Yellow, then the remove sets were traded including which step the remove set is changed. Trade them and generate the final sequence string as normal. Keep in mind that the steps when the stage number turns red are also swapped between modules.

Note: If the module is running on Twitch Plays, the red display condition will never appear on the module.

The functionality of the numbered buttons are also swapped between the pair. The numbered buttons of one module will enter digit into the other module. Make sure to take these into the account when submitting the final sequence strings. Submit the true final sequence strings to fake 'solve' the modules.

When a module is fake solved, only one of the status lights in the pair will turn green. The bomb does not recognize that one of The Twin in the pair was solved. Submitting the second final sequence strings into the other module in the pair to turn the status light green will truly solve both modules.

Appendix COLORBLIND: Colorblind texts information

If the colorblind mode is active on The Twin that is not flipped horizontally, three additional texts will appear displaying first letter of the color with letter "A" representing gray. Two texts will be on the stage display screen. The text at the bottom-left of the screen shows the color of the display while the other one at the top-right of the screen shows the color of the module pair ID display. The third text will be near the status light showing the color of the background.

Appendix S: The Twin Mod Settings

When two instances of The Twin are fake solved, both modules will truly be solved. A timing delay can be added between each of true solves. The module is required to be loaded once to create the settings file and the delay is defaulted to 0. To change the settings, use mod selector tablets and select Mod Settings. Then, choose TheTwin to modify the settings for The Twin. In the settings, there is a SecondDelay field. Enter any number of seconds into this field to change the delay between solves. Entering negative numbers will set the actual delay to 0 seconds.