On the Subject of The Wire

Only one wire? You should probably cut it. Wait, what do those dials do?

  • The module consists of three retractable dials (ordered 1-3 in reading order), a retractable wire, a number display and an initiate button.
  • To defuse the module, you must set the dials to the correct channel and cut the wire at a specified time.
  • Push the initiate button to expose the dials/wire and start the countdown.
  • Once the countdown expires, the dials and wires will retract. The colours will reset upon re-initialisation. For safety reasons, the wire cannot be cut whilst in motion.
  • Use the flow chart to determine the correct channels of the three dials. Once a dial has been set, disregard any further instructions for that dial.
  • Use the Venn diagram to determine when the wire must be cut.
  • Cutting the wire at the wrong time or with the dials incorrectly set will result in a strike.

Flow Chart

Venn Diagram

Cut the wire when the last 'second digit' of the bomb timer is:

I Last digit of (g + a) IX acf % 8
II (j + e + f) % 10 X First digit of (3h + g)
III ((i + d + h) % 7) + 2 XI (i + d - e) % 10
IV (b + c) % 6 XII 4j % 5
V (ja + c) % 9 XIII ((d % 7) + (i % 4)) % 10
VI First digit of (fi + h) XIV Last digit of cg
VII (gb + b) % (e + 4) XV (j(f + h)) % 9
VIII Last digit of d XVI (b(e + a)) % 8

You may encounter the following variables:

a Displayed number f Total unlit indicators
b Number of times initiate button pressed g Serial + parallel + RJ-45 + DVI ports
c Total indicators * 2 h Total modules on the bomb
d Total port plates * 4 i Displayed number * 6
e Displayed number % 3 j Total lit indicators
  • A percentage sign refers to the 'modulo' operation.