On the Subject of The Witness

...and a dream.

  • This module contains a canvas with a 2×2 grid and a button on every intersection.
  • The goal of the defuser is to draw a path from the top-left corner (marked with a circle) to the bottom right corner, following the black grid lines. You cannot pass twice over a grid line nor intersection.
  • There might be symbols on the cells of the grid or inside the grid lines, which indicate the valid path to solve the module. If there is more than one correct solution, either is valid.
  • Using the rules below, determine the correct path.
  • To create the path on the module, press the intersection’s buttons to draw the line. The buttons must be pressed in the order you want the line to be drawn. For example:
1 2 3 4
  • The defuser may skip intersections as long as it is able to connect between consecutive points.
  • When the line is finished, press SUBMIT to solve the module.
  • If the solution is incorrect, the line will erase and a strike will be registered.
  • To reset the line, press the circle on the top-left corner of the grid.

The Symbols

If any of these symbols appear on the grid, the condition shown below must be met when drawing the line. If multiple symbols appear, all the conditions must be taken into account.

However, the expert has to learn each symbol’s mechanics The Witness style: Examining the examples on the following pages to determine each symbol’s rule.

Black and White Squares

Disclaimer: In the original game, splitting same colored squares is allowed. However for this legacy version, this is not allowed.



Disclaimer: The L-piece may be rotated however, the solution will be the same.