On the Subject of The Xenocryst

I was gonna ask how the central cube can be interacted with, but considering that it's in a black hole, I don't think I want to.

The module displays a black hole with a cuboid crystal that flashes 10 colours. To solve the module, input the correct sequence of holds and releases on the crystal to make the black hole annihilate the module and itself.

First you need to obtain five colours. To get the first, take the last occurrence of each colour in the flashing sequence and take the first in this list of colours. Repeat this process for the second, third and fourth colours, removing all of the already obtained colours from the sequence entirely. Take the positions of all the remaining colours in the original sequence and take the sum. Add or subtract 10 until within the range of 1 to 10. Take the colour of the original sequence at this position as your fifth colour.

Pair each colour with all of the next, ordering them by first colour and within those groups by second colour. Look up these colour pairs in the table below using the first of each pair as the row and the second as the column. Record the digital root (repeated digit sum) of the found value and all previously found values from the pairs. Look up these values in the second table to get a sequence of brackets and periods. An opening bracket means to start holding and a closing bracket to release. Disregard any brackets that indicate to hold while you're already supposed to be holding or to release when the crystal isn't held. Each period corresponds to one of the 10 colourful flashes. The black flash will automatically submit your input. If your sequence ends with a hold, the module will only submit upon releasing, which can be done freely and without penalty.