On the Subject of The iPhone

Somebody has welded a smart phone onto a bomb. Nobody tell Apple - it’s probably a crime in certain states.

The module consists of six apps and a home button.

To disarm the module, the iPhone must be factory reset by entering the correct PIN on the settings app. The individual digits of the PIN are acquired by solving the apps.

App Name Appearance PIN Digit Given
Angry Birds 1st
Messages 2nd
Photos 3rd
Tinder 4th
Phone NA
Settings NA

The phone can be used to dial a "cheat code" for each of the four solveable apps at the cost of a strike.

The home button to the right of the screen is used to return to the home screen.

Upon obtaining a strike, the Tinder app will reset.

Angry Birds

You will be presented with four "character buttons". These buttons will be one of the following images:

Image Name Appearance Image Name Appearance
Red Angry Bird Regular Pig
Yellow Angry Bird Helmet Pig
Blue Angry Bird Moustached Pig
White Angry Bird King Pig
Black Angry Bird Black Eyed Pig

To obtain the PIN digit, you must press the correct button in accordance with the below instructions. Pressing the wrong button causes a strike.

Upon pressing the correct button, three stars will appear. The first digit of the PIN will be contained within the centre star.

  • If there are more birds than pigs, go to A.
  • Otherwise, if there are more pigs than birds, go to B.
  • Otherwise, if there are two of each, go to C.
Table A, B, C Rules A B C
If there are three or more batteries... D G J
Otherwise, if there are three or more indicators... E H K
Otherwise... F I L
Table D, E, F Rules D E F
If a Yellow Angry Bird is on top of any Pig... Top Right Bottom Left Top Left
Otherwise, if a Black Angry Bird is right of a Red Angry Bird... Top Left Top Right Bottom Right
Otherwise, if a White Angry Bird is present... Bottom Left Bottom Right Top Right
Otherwise... Bottom Right Top Left Bottom Left
Table G, H, I Rules G H I
If all buttons are different... Bottom Left Bottom Right Top Right
Otherwise, if there is no King Pig... Top Right Bottom Left Top Left
Otherwise, if there is a Helmet or Moustached Pig left of any Bird... Top Left Top Right Bottom Right
Otherwise... Bottom Right Top Left Bottom Left
Table J, K, L Rules J K L
If a Regular Pig and a White or Blue Angry Bird are on the top row... Top Left Bottom Left Top Right
Otherwise, if a Black or Red Angry Bird is below any Pig... Bottom Left Top Right Bottom Right
Otherwise, if each button is unique... Bottom Right Top Left Bottom Left
Otherwise... Top Right Bottom Right Top Left


You have received four messages, one each from Phil H, Rob N, Mick K and Andy L.

One message contains the true second digit of the PIN. The other three are guesses and most likely false.

Use the below table and the content of the messages to determine which person is telling the truth. The # denotes a PIN digit.

Phil's Truths Rob's Truths Mick's Truths Andy's Truths
The 2nd number is #. # It's # Probably #
Not sure. Maybe #? # is the second number. #? No...yes, # # you numpty!
# mate. I think it's #. #? #!


There are eight photos which can be cycled using the arrow keys. Some may look quite similar but they are all different.

Only one of the below photos will be included on the app. The number of that photo represents the third digit of the PIN.

PIN Digit Image Description PIN Digit Image Description
0 Beach 5 Castle
1 Christmas Tree 6 Spaniel
2 Computer 7 Football team
3 Porsche 8 Band
4 Composer 9 Roast Dinner


You will see a Tinder profile. Use the below table to calculate the match score.

If the match score is positive, swipe right. If the match score is negative, swipe left. If the match score is zero, swipe right if your match's name has five or more letters and swipe left if their name has four or fewer letters.

Correctly match three profiles consecutively to unlock the fourth digit of the PIN. A mismatch well incur a strike and reset the current profile, as well as discounting any previous correct matches.

For 0 strikes: For 1 strike: For 2+ strikes:
18-22 +3 -2 -1
23-28 +2 -1 -1
29-35 +1 +3 -2
36-41 -1 +2 +3
42+ -2 -1 +2
Virgo +2 +1 +1
Leo +2 +2 -1
Scorpio -2 -1 +1
Capricorn -2 -2 -1
Cancer +1 +2 +1
Gemini -1 -1 -1
Badminton +1 +2 -1
Golf -1 +1 +1
Cinema +1 -1 -2
Theatre -2 +1 +2
Dancing -3 -2 +3
Clubbing +2 -2 -3
Cat +3 +1 -1
Dog +2 -3 -2
Goldfish -1 +1 +2
Gerbil -2 +2 -2
Hamster -2 -2 +3


You may be assisted in your hunt for the PIN by using the Phone app to cheat. Dial the appropriate number followed by the hash key to execute the cheat code. You may not clear the screen after you have begun, so type carefully.

Each time you press the hash key, you will incur a strike, irrespective of whether the code is correct or not.

The PIN digits will manifest themselves in different ways but in each instance, you will need to return to the relevant app to see it:

  • Angry Birds and Tinder will behave as though you have solved the app.
  • Messages will manifest the correct PIN digit as an unread message.
  • Photos will mark the correct image with a green LED.
App Name If the serial number contains a vowel: If the serial number does not contain a vowel:
Angry Birds 52716 43892
Messages 60138 15397
Photos 81606 79431
Tinder 30962 21486


Once you have acquired all four digits of the PIN, enter them on the Settings app to reset the iPhone's factory settings and disarm the module.

Much like with the Phone app, you cannot clear the display once you have started typing. Entering an incorrect PIN will cause a strike.