On the Subject of Thinking Wires

Wait a second, I have to cut a wire with the ability to think?

See Appendix Thonk for color system reference.

This module contains 7 wires with a seven segment display in the bottom right corner. To determine the correct wire to cut, use the flowchart below to cut one of the wires.

After cutting a wire from the flowchart, module will generate new set of wires and a number will be displayed on the bottom screen. Cut any wire that has the same color of the nth colored box you entered in the flowchart (excluding the “START HERE” box and the “CUT” boxes), where n is the number on the display. Once both wires are cut correctly, the module will be solved. If all of the wires are not the same color as any of the boxes, any wire may be cut to solve the module. The display will also show the number 69 to serve as an indicator. If at any point an incorrect wire is cut, the module will give a strike and new wires will appear in the place of the old ones.

Appendix Thonk: Color System Clarification

The Thinking Wires uses RGB additive color system where two primary colors, when combined, form a single secondary color. In this RGB additive system:

  • Primary colors are red, green, and blue.
  • Secondary colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow.
  • The following combinations relate secondary colors to primary colors:
    • Cyan = Green + Blue.
    • Magenta = Red + Blue.
    • Yellow = Red + Green.
  • A combination of all primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) is white.
  • Color black does not contain any of the primary colors in this system.
  • Formal definition of the complementary colors is a pair of colors that, when combined, will cancel each other out (losing hue) and generate grayscale color like white or black. However, the module considers complementary colors to be two colors that, when combined, create a color with all primary colors as its components.
  • Therefore, this module considers the following pairs to be complementary:
    • Red and Cyan.
    • Green and Magenta.
    • Blue and Yellow.
    • Black and White.

While there exists other color systems such as RYB subtractive color system and CMY subtractive color system, this module never uses either of those systems. Do not make any assumption of the color system upon disarming the module.

This module has colorblind support. When the colorblind mode is activated, the module will display a single capitalized letter to the right of each wire representing its color. The first letter of each color is used, unless the color is black where the letter K is used instead. Refer these letters to the embolden and italicized letter next to each box as each letter indicates the color of each box adjacent to it.