On the Subject of Threading the Needle

It's wheely sew much fun!

  • The five code wheels on the module can each be set to one of 8 positions. Each symbol on the code wheels has a slot for a hole under it. These holes are hidden inside the module so the defuser can't see them.
  • A hole may be solid, circular, or triangular.
  • Fortunately, each possible code wheel has a unique pattern of symbols on it. Use this to identify which code wheels are on the module.
  • Rotate the code wheels so there is at least one continuous row of circular holes without any continuous rows of triangular holes, and press the submit button.
  • In addition, there is one wheel that cannot be manually turned hidden inside the module (the "bonus wheel"). It otherwise acts like the normal wheels, and you must align the rest of the wheels to agree with it.

Possible Code Wheels

Determining the Bonus Wheel

  • Let U be equal to the number of odd digits in the serial number plus double the number of vowels in the serial number.
  • Let W be equal to the number of batteries on the bomb, minus the number of lit indicators.
U = 1, 3 U = 2, 4, 5 U >= 6 or 0
W <= 0
W = 1, 2
W = 3
W >= 4
  • The bonus wheel will turn counter-clockwise one position after each strike and clockwise one position each time a module is solved. It starts in the position printed above with the top facing the front of the module.