On the Subject of Time Machines

1.21 Gigawatts!?!

  • This module contains a display, 10 cycling LEDs, and 4 fluorescent lights.
  • Pressing the button when a specific LED is lit up will travel through time the amount of years displayed on the screen. If the LED is green, you’ll go forwards in time, and if it’s red, you’ll go backwards.
  • The fluorescent lights give two binary numbers, with the least significant bit being the top light and going clockwise. This gives you a two digit number, with white corresponding to the tens place and red corresponding to the ones place. Red and white might combine to make pink, or be both absent to make black.
  • These two digits are used in the table below to get a constraint as to which years you can and cannot travel.
# Tens place Ones place
0 Christmas... ...must fall on a Monday.
1 Valentine’s Day... ...must fall on a Tuesday.
2 Veteran’s Day... ...must fall on a Wednesday.
3 Halloween... ...must fall on a Thursday.
4 New Year’s... ...must fall on a Friday.
5 New Year’s Eve... ...must fall on a Saturday.
6 Christmas Eve... ...must fall on a Sunday.
7 Cindo de Mayo... ...must fall on a weekend.
8 April Fools... ...must fall on a weekday.
9 Earth Day... ...must fall on today’s weekday.