On the Subject of Time Signatures

Don’t look at this manual too long, or you will actually lose time!

  • The module has two displays. The top one will cycle the bottom display, and vise versa.
  • One of the numbers in the displays will be colored red. Tapping the top display on this number will produce a sequence of five measures, each with a consistent pulse, but a not so consistent time signature and tempo.
  • When a measure is played, the first note will always be emphasized with a higher pitch and volume. The module will always be playing eighth notes, but the time signature is signaled using emphasized notes with a louder volume.
  • Submit all the time signatures in the sequence by holding any of the buttons until the screens turn blank.
  • A strike or a press of the red display will cause the module to change the location of the red number and reset the input.
  • As long as the red number is not pressed, the sequence will stay the same. Otherwise, it will change.

Time Signatures

This number is thetype of note (halfnote, quater note,eighth note) thatgets a single beat. This number is theamount of beats thatare in each measure.
  • A quarter note (4) is twice the length of an eighth note (8). A half note (2) is twice the length of a quarter note (8). A whole note (1) is twice the length of a half note (2).