On the Subject of Tipping Triangles

No, you’re not getting any money.

Please see Appendix 1PP1NG for identifying modules in the Triangles family.

This module will have 9 triangles on it. Additionally, each triangle is coloured red, yellow, or blue. To solve the module, all valid triangles must be pressed. Pressing an invalid triangle will cause a strike. If no more valid triangles are present on the module after pressing a triangle, the module will solve. Note that triangles turn off when pressed, regardless of validity.

Identifying valid triangles

To identify whether a triangle is valid or invalid, cross-reference its position (in grey) on the module with its color in the table below. This will tell you whether or not the triangle is valid. Press any valid triangle. Pressing a triangle that shares an edge with a previously pressed triangle is disallowed and will cause a strike, so don’t do that.

Red Yellow Blue
Invalid Invalid Valid
Invalid Valid Valid
Valid Invalid Invalid

Appendix 1PP1NG: Identifying modules within the Triangles family

If all triangles are red, yellow, or blue and don’t change colour:
If any triangle alternates between two colours:
If all triangles are either grey or off:
If all triangles are red, orange, or yellow:
If all triangles are green, blue, or violet:
If all triangles are orange, green, or violet:
If the highlights span over multiple triangles: