On the Subject of Topsy Turvy

Did you expect— oh, what am I saying, of course you did.

Take note of the word displayed on the lower screen. Hold the button, and this word will disappear. A different word will then be displayed on the top screen, changing every second. Release the button when this word is contained in the row of the originally displayed word in the table below.

Topsy Round, Ghost, Plaid, Frown, Cloud
Robot Topsy, Ghost, Curse, Sandy, Frown
Cloud Plaid, Verse, Sandy, Quilt, Water
Round Found, Water, Ovals, Sandy, Frown
Quilt Cloud, Topsy, Windy, Frown, Ghost
Found Curse, Curve, Sandy, Robot, Water
Plaid Topsy, Curve, Ovals, Round, Cloud
Curve Topsy, Quilt, Water, Windy, Curse
Water Verse, Windy, Plaid, Found, Quilt
Ovals Cloud, Windy, Topsy, Robot, Sandy
Verse Topsy, Ovals, Water, Curse, Round
Sandy Ghost, Frown, Ovals, Found, Robot
Frown Quilt, Cloud, Windy, Curse, Plaid
Windy Robot, Round, Curse, Topsy, Frown
Curse Ghost, Sandy, Verse, Plaid, Topsy
Ghost Robot, Water, Quilt, Sandy, Frown