On the Subject of Treasure Hunt

"Fetch aft the rum, Darby!"

  • The module consists of a screen displaying a portion of a map and four arrow buttons.
  • To disarm the module, use the arrow buttons to navigate the map and press the screen when it is showing the Treasure Island.
  • Trying to navigate outside the map or pressing the screen when it is not showing the Treasure Island will cause a strike.
  • There is a copy of the map in the next page. The map may be rotated.

Determining the Treasure Island

Pay attention to the following list of Key Modules:

  • Coordinates
  • Maritime Flags
  • Semaphore
  • Battleship
  • The Jewel Vault
  • Splitting The Loot
  • Combination Lock
  • Safety Safe
  • Constellations

Count the number of Key Modules on the bomb and the number of Key Modules that have been solved. Use the table below to determine the Treasure Island.

Number of Key Modules Solved
0 1 2 3 4+
Number of Key Modules Present 0 Pirate's Bay
1 Kraken's Lair The Three Sisters
2 El Tiburón World's End Shipwreck Passage
3 Hell's Peak The Maelstrom Parrot's Sandbar Gathering Point
4 The Twins Snake Island The Shoal Eagle Cliffs Skull Desert
5+ Port Gloria The Spine Dead Man's Grave Safe Haven Siren's Lake