On the Subject of Trick Or Treat

It's summer, and I'm already giving these grown men candy? Wish it were that easy.

  • Press the doorknob to activate the module IF there is only a door and no moons.
  • A doorbell will ring at a random time (10–30 seconds) after activating the module.
  • After the doorbell ring, a table with a bowl of candy will appear next to the door, indicating that the module is requiring input.
  • Once the doorbell rings, you have to open the door. Not doing so will cause a strike.
  • To solve the module, correctly give candy to the correct people 10 times, or less if lucky.
  • You give candy by pressing the treat moon and you trick by pressing the trick moon. The bowl of candy is also selectable, HOWEVER can only be used during special occasions.
  • If someone is in a costume and they answer, give them candy.
  • If someone is not in a costume and they answer, give them a trick.
  • HOWEVER, if a very special person answers, give them the entire bowl of candy.