On the Subject of Typing Tutor

Full-sized keyboards are a bit unwieldly when shrunk down to fit on a module. It has been done, but the end result isn't the easiest thing to use. We do have some 4-key keyboards in the back, but we ask that you please bring your own. Oh, and about this being a tutor? It's really more so the "figure it out on your own" type of tutor.

It's recommended that the defuser have easy access to a functional keyboard. For information on how to configure and operate this mod without the use of a keyboard as well, as what to do in case of strange module behavior, refer to Appendix NK: Typing Tutor Mod Settings.

  • This module consists of two screens layed overtop of one another. These screens will initially be blank.
  • When this module activates, a word will appear on the top screen.
  • Use your keyboard to type the word from the top screen onto the bottom screen, then press the Enter/Return key. Do this three times in 45 seconds to disarm the module.
    • The bottom screen text changes color depending on what's typed so far. Green text means the word is good to submit. Red text means an incorrect character was typed.
    • An character can be deleted using the Backspace key.
    • Don't forget to select the module before beginning to type.
    • There's no penalty for typing wrong characters or attempting to submit an incorrect string, so feel free to try as many times as necessary.
    • Failure to type three words within the time limit will result in a strike.

Appendix NK: Typing Tutor Mod Settings

If the defuser is incapable of using a functional keyboard, do the following:

  1. Locate a file called needyTypingTutor-settings.txt.
    • The file should be located in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Steel Crate Games\Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes\Modsettings.
    • Additionally, in game, you can open the Mods folder in the Setup Room (that's the room with the blue binder) and select "Mod Settings" to go right to this folder.
  2. Open the file in a text editor. It should say {"NoKeyboard": false}.
  3. Change the false to true.
  4. OR, if you have both the Mod Selector and Tweaks mods, you can use the Mod Settings app on the Mod Selector and change the value that way.

If you set the mod settings correctly, when the module loads, four buttons will appear below the two screens.

  • Instead of displaying words, the top screen will now display strings of 1's and 0's.
  • Pressing the buttons labeled "0" and "1" will type that character.
  • The "←" button acts as the backspace key.
  • The "⏎" button acts as the submit key.
  • Using your own keyboard now will not work.
  • Other than these, the module acts the same way as with a keyboard.

In case of strange module behavior:

  • If the top screen displays the word "ERROR", it's most likely due to the Mod Settings file containing invalid information. It will still activate but will not strike. Be sure the file reads as either {"NoKeyboard": false} or {"NoKeyboard": true}.
  • If both screens are blank, even when the module activates, or in the case of any other weird behavior, something else went wrong. Please contact UltraCboy#4639 on Discord reagrding your issue.