On the Subject of USA Maze

The United States of America: where easy video games come from.

This module has three displays - a large display that shows your current state*, and two smaller displays that says "USA"** and that shows your destination state. Use the map and the Abbreviation table on the following pages to find the correct path. Use the shapes on the module to cross boundaries between adjacent states. If you pressed a shape that is not on the border of the state you are currently at, a strike will be recorded.

Black lines represent borders you cannot cross, while white lines represent borders you are allowed to cross. Once you get to your destination state, the module will be solved.

You may have the option to fly to and from certain states based on the day of the week if your state is not on the map. States that can be flown to have a symbol not connected to another state or have its symbol attached to its name. Use the Day Of Week table to determine which borders are open based on the day listed on a present Day of Week widget or the current day listed on the defuser's device.

Day Of Week Table

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Abbreviation Table

AK Alaska AL Alabama AR Arkansas
AZ Arizona CA California CO Colorado
CT Connecticut DE Delaware FL Florida
GA Georgia HI Hawaii IA Iowa
ID Idaho IL Illinois IN Indiana
KS Kansas KY Kentucky LA Louisiana
MA Massachusetts MD Maryland ME Maine
MI Michigan MN Minnesota MO Missouri
MS Mississippi MT Montana NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota NE Nebraska NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico NV Nevada
NY New York OH Ohio OK Oklahoma
OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania RI Rhode Island
SC South Carolina SD South Dakota TN Tennessee
TX Texas UT Utah VA Virginia
VT Vermont WA Washington WI Wisconsin
WV West Virginia WY Wyoming