On the Subject of the Ultimate Cipher

All ciphering techniques are required to solve this module.

  • On the first page of the module, the top screen should show a 6 symbol word that has been encrypted.
  • The module has a total of 7 pages, 1 for the first screen, and 2 for each colored cipher.
  • Follow the necessary steps below to get your decrypted word to submit.

Step 1: Pigpen Cipher

Convert the 6 symbols on the top screen of page 1 to letters using the chart below:

Step 2-10: Colored Ciphers

The next 6 pages will select 3 out of the 10 color ciphers from this list:

Red Cipher
Orange Cipher
Yellow Cipher
Green Cipher
Green Cipher Interactive
Blue Cipher
Indigo Cipher
Violet Cipher
White Cipher
Gray Cipher
Black Cipher
Black Cipher Interactive
Brown Cipher

Any mention on the color cipher's manual about the encrypted word refers to the 6 letter word you got from Step 1 in this manual. Use each color cipher mechanic in the order they appear on the module to decipher the encrypted word (Start at page 1, then 2, then 3, and so on).

NOTE: If the screens are white and the text is black, you are looking at an inverted version of the color cipher. Use the inverted rules down below of the following color it uses:

Inverted Red Cipher
Inverted Orange Cipher
Inverted Yellow Cipher
Inverted Green Cipher
Inverted Green Cipher Interactive
Inverted Blue Cipher
Inverted Indigo Cipher
Inverted Violet Cipher
Inverted White Cipher
Inverted Gray Cipher
Inverted Black Cipher
Inverted Black Cipher Interactive
Inverted Brown Cipher

Once you finally have your decrypted word, you can submit it. Once you start typing, all the screens will go black and the bottom screen will show what you are typing.

To clear it, just click one of the arrows. This goes to one of the pages and clears any input you put in. It will not let you go over 6 letters on input.

Once you are satisfied with your input, press the button labeled "SUB" to submit your answer. On a strike, the module will go back to the first page of the module, but it does not regenerate.