On the Subject of Ultimate Custom Night

Sad fact: no pineapple animatronic exists in FNAF.

  • This module consists 4 states based on the original Ultimate Custom Night game: Cameras, Vent system, Duct system and Perks.
  • You can switch between them using the buttons on the left.
  • After every other non-ignored module on the bomb is solved, the module will automatically disarm.

Camera system

  • Every time you solve a module the vacuum cleaner (Mr. Hugs) will move to another camera. Your job is to find him and close the door below that camera
  • One door can be closed at a time.
  • If you solve a module and that door isn’t closed you’ll get a strike.

Vent system

  • Two animatronics are in the vent. Mangle is the white fox; Withered Chica is the duck.
  • There are 3 routes which they can move on. Your job is to snare that route with the light squares on the end of them before they get through it.
  • One snare can be active at a time.
  • Withered chica always goes on the right route, but Mangle always goes on a random route.
  • If any of them gets to the end of the route you’ll get a strike. (And the animatronic will go to the start again)
  • You can also prevent them from getting into your office by closing the front vent door by pressing “W” (this consumes power)

Duct system

  • Two animatronics are in the duct. (Pink is Pigpatch; Purple is Mr. Hippo). Your job is to prevent them from reaching the end.
  • They can only get through the duct that is open :P
  • Press the “Open Duct” button that is lit to open that duct and close the other!
  • You can place audio lure in every corner to lure the animatronics there.
  • Audio lure can be only in 1 corner at a time.
  • If any of them reaches the open end of the duct you’ll get a strike.

Note: You don’t see the power nor can change the music while the duct system is selected!


  • Perks are small utilities that help you get through the night.
  • Select the one you wish to enable by clicking on the correct button!
  • If there’s an active perk, more power will be consumed!

Other animatronics


  • When attacking, Afton will make a rattling noise and the lights'll start flashing in the room.
  • Quickly close the side vent door by pressing “F” to prevent him from striking! (Keeping it on consumes power)
  • Afton won't attack more than one time per UCN module


  • Chica is constantly making noise with pots and pans in the kitchen.
  • However, she might get bored of the music playing. If you hear her noise stop, you have a short time to click on the Change Music button before she gets mad at you and strikes.
  • Changing the music before her noise stops will cause a strike.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the Global Music Box perk. While it’s active, Chica won't stop her noise. However, it consumes power.

Power management

  • You can see the available power and current consumption on the bottom-right corner of the module (except on duct state)
  • If there’s a consumption (bar after “Usage:”) the available power starts decreasing with its speed depending on the consumption.
  • If the power counter reaches 0, the bomb will detonate instantly.