On the Subject of Understand

"Why does it work?" ... Two stages later ... "Why doesn't it work?!!!"

It is advised to close this manual and understand how to solve this module by trial and error. Don't worry, you won't get strikes on this module.

There are spoilers below!

The module consists of a grid with shapes, rule indicators on the right, and a stage-display at the top. Upon activation, the module generates a ruleset. To solve the module, draw a valid path at the 7th stage.

When the valid path has been submitted, the next stage becomes available. You can switch between stages using the left and right buttons at the top. If the stage was reentered, then the previous path submitted at that stage will be displayed.

Each indicator to the right of the grid represents a rule. If the indicator is green, then the rule has been fulfilled, otherwise, if it is red, then the rule has been violated. A path is considered valid if all indicators light up green. At the last (7th) stage, the indicators are off and do not show which rules have been fulfilled.

To draw a path, press the starting cell, hover over each cell along the path and press the final cell to submit. The path can only go through vertical or horizontal adjacent cells and cannot go through the same cell twice. You can undo the last passed cells by moving in the opposite direction.

When the module is activated, the 1st stage will already be solved, but you can still solve it yourself to better understand the rules. If you leave the 1st stage without solving it, then when you get back to it, the correct answer will be shown again.

It is recommended not to read the next page of this manual. The next page of this manual contains hints on the rules that may appear in this module.

There are 6 shapes:

  • triangle
  • square
  • diamond
  • circle
  • star
  • heart

The triangle can be rotated in one of four directions. The rules can use just a "triangle", without specifying its direction, or directed triangles (for example, "up-triangle").

Rules can use "4-vertices shape" instead of a square or diamond.

Possible rules (the module is still under development, so some of these rules may not yet be implemented or activated):

  • Start on "SHAPE/COORD/empty cell"
  • End on "SHAPE/COORD/empty cell"
  • Collect at least one "SHAPE"
  • Collect exactly one "SHAPE"
  • Collect all "SHAPEs"
  • Visit "COORD"
  • Visit at least one empty cell
  • Visit exactly one empty cell
  • Visit all empty cells
  • Avoid "SHAPE/COORD"
  • Collect each type of shape
  • Don't collect 2 of the same shape
  • Start on shape there is only one of
  • End on shape there is only one of
  • Start and end on shape there is only one of
  • Collect exactly # of shapes
  • Visit exactly # cells
  • Start and end on the same shape
  • Visit "even/odd/prime/composite" number of cells
  • The number of visiting cells must be a multiple of #