On the Subject of Unicodes

What is it? And why do we need it?


  • On this module, a series of 4 symbols from the Unicode Libraries along with an array of 16 buttons, representing the 16 hexadecimal characters, a blank display, and a green “U+” button.
  • To disarm the module, re-enter the 4 symbols in a certain order using their unicode representation.
  • To enter a symbol, press the “U+” button, followed by the unicode hexadecimal representation of the symbol. Then enter another symbol by doing the same.
  • Follow the below rules to figure out what order to enter the symbols, with the symbols being notated from left to right.
  • The correctness of each symbol is checked when the 4th symbol has been entered.
The rules:
  1. If a lit BOB indicator and 2 batteries are present, and the 4 symbols contain at least one 0 and at least two B’s, the order is 1234.
  2. If the 3rd symbol has an A in it, the order is 3421.
  3. If the 2nd symbol has a 1 in it, the order is 3142.
  4. If the number of ports is odd XOR* the number of D’s, E’s, and F’s in the symbols is even, the order is 2413.
  5. If the number of odd digits** in the symbols is greater than 5, the order is 1243.
  6. If the 1st symbol’s hexadecimal value is greater than 1FFF, the order is 4321.
  7. If the number of batteries+ports+indicators is greater than the number of digits that are between 0-9 within the symbols, the order is 1432.
  8. If the last digit of the serial number isn’t present in the 4th symbol, the order is 2341.
  9. If any of the symbols contain a G, the order is 1237.
  10. If the serial number contains an A, B, C, D, E, or F, and the 1st and 2nd symbols contain all of the ones that appear in the serial number, the order is 4123.
  11. If the number of digits from 0-9 is less than the number of digits from A-F, the order is 1342.
  12. If the symbols, when all concatenated, contain any out of the pairs 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E, or 6F, the order is 2314.
  13. If a symbol contains only letters or only numbers, the order is 3214.
  14. Otherwise, the sequence is 4213.

*An XOR argument is true if one of its statements is true, but not both..

**Odd digits are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, B, D, and F.

Appendix UNC: Symbols listing

Symbol Code Symbol Code Symbol Code Symbol Code
§ U+00A7 U+00B6 Ħ U+0126 Ӕ U+04D4
ſ U+017F Ƕ U+01F6 Ƿ U+01F7 U+2042
ͼ U+037C ς U+03C2 Ћ U+040B U+20AA
Ю U+042E Ѡ U+0460 Ѭ U+046C U+20B0
U+222F U+222B U+2569 Ӭ U+04EC
U+260A Ҧ U+04A6 U+2626 U+FB21
Ш U+0428 Ω U+03A9 փ U+0583 U+2592
U+254B U+2318 U+2234 U+2205
U+2104 Ҩ U+04A8 U+2605 ƛ U+019B
Ϫ U+03EA ت U+062A ټ U+067C غ U+063A
ں U+06BA þ U+00FE Ɣ U+0194 ȹ U+0239