On the Subject of Unown Cipher


This module has 5 Unown letters you can change using the up and down arrows, 4 stats values at the bottom, and a “SUBMIT” button at the top. To solve the module, submit the correct sequence of 5 Unown letters to defuse the module. If an incorrect sequence is entered, a strike will be recorded.

Clicking on an Unown letter shows 4 numbers at the bottom, use these numbers to decrypt the letter.
Repeat the following process for each of the 5 Unown:

  • Take each of the four stats and convert them to four-digit binary numbers.
  • Take the middle two digits of each the four numbers in order as they appear on the module (red, yellow, blue, green) and convert them to a single eight-digit binary number.
  • Convert this new binary number back into a decimal number.
  • Divide the number by ten and round down to the nearest integer.
  • Convert this to a letter based on its position in the alphabet (A=0, B=1, ..., Z=25).