On the Subject of Validation

Ensuring that data inserted into a program satisfies defined formats and other input criteria

This needy will attempt to validate every solve that occurs while it is active. Any module solved prior to its activation will not be evaluated.

A module’s validity is determined by the first character of its title. Any names evaluated in this module has had “The” removed from the beginning of the name (e.g. The Cube = Cube). A module is valid if the character derived from the method described above is present in the selected cell from the table below.

Move the needle by tapping the meter to display either “VALID” or “INVALID”.

Displayed Number in the chart refers to the number on the timer screen of the needy.

LED Status refers to whether or not the LEDs in the lower corners of the module are lit.

This needy’s time will not count down nor will it make the 5 second timer warning. This needy will remain active until the bomb is disposed of unless a module fails validation.

Ensure that the needle is in the appropriate position prior to the validation of solving a module or you will receive a negative mark for failing the validation.

If you happen to fail a validation, this needy will deactivate. During this time, there is no restriction on having to match validation. When the needy reactivates, re-validate your valid characters from the chart below and continue validating modules if possible.

/\/\/\/\/\Displayed Number
LED Status12345
Neither Lit R E B Y M R U D A E F L D L J G I A B N E U A R G H S N M O P I A
Left Lit L S A T N M O B G A W V E R I N F U L Y A R E B F I L R G Z I P E T M Y L O T L H M B G I
Right Lit H Y O A F T E R W I A M O N P W O A F E R D N A U M E T L I A H N S B T E
Both Lit E O P W A R T L D L G N R F D I E A H Y A E D L T N E S R O X B C A I R M K E T A O N