On the Subject of Venn Diagrams

Personally, I think George Boole was a tad bit illogical.

  • This module consists of 8 buttons, one for each enclosed section of the Venn diagram and one representing the area not enclosed in any section of the diagram.
  • The three circles are referred to as "A" (top-left), "B" (top-right), "C" (bottom). The bottom-left circle is referred to as "O", which represents a set not in "A", "B", nor "C".
  • To disarm the module, select the area described by the statement at the bottom of the module.
  • The bottom screen contains the three letters representing the circles, a pair of parentheses which indicate which operation to do first, and two set symbols, denoting inclusion in a set.
  • The pictures below show what each symbol represents and which parts it includes, with the included parts shaded in.
  • Pressing a button not part of the set will result in a strike.
A ∩ B
A ∪ B
A \ B
Relative Complement
Symmetric Difference