On the Subject of Voltorb Flip

What do you get when you cross Minesweeper, Picross, and Pokémon? You get this!

This module contains a 5 by 5 grid of tiles. Clicking on a tile will flip it over. Flipping over a tile will reveal either a 1, 2, 3, or a Voltorb.

Every time you flip over a numbered tile, you earn coins. The number of coins you earn is the product of all the numbers of the revealed tiles. Flipping over a Voltorb will make you lose all your coins and give you a strike.

To complete the puzzle, flip over every tile with a 2 or a 3. Upon doing so, the module will solve and you win the amount of coins you collected.

On the bottom of each column and to the right of each row, there are numbers that give hints about the tiles in the respective row or column. The top number is the sum of the numbers of the numbered tiles in the row or column, and the bottom number is the amount of Voltorb in that row or column.

On the right of the module is a toggleable button. Pressing this button will change the label to "Marking" and the module will enter Marking Mode. Pressing it again will change it back to "Flipping" and will exit Marking Mode.

While in Marking Mode, clicking on a tile will not flip it over, but instead leave a mark on it. Clicking on marked tiles will remove the mark. You can use this to mark tiles that might contain Voltorb. Marking a tile will NOT prevent it from being flipped once you leave Marking Mode.

But you can't do this alone.

You can determine two tiles on the grid that contain Voltorb. Assume that all the tiles are numbered 1-25, starting with the top-left tile being 1 and the numbers proceed in reading order.

Take all the numbers and letters from the serial number. Treat each letter as its position in the alphabet (A=1, Z=26). The sum of all the characters of the serial number modulo 25 corresponds to the first tile that contains a Voltorb (if you get 0, use 25 instead).

Take the total number of letters throughout all the ports on the bomb. Use the full port name (e.g. DVI-D, Stereo RCA). Ignore modded ports. This number modulo 25 corresponds to the second tile that contains a Voltorb (if you get 0, use 25 instead). If this is the same tile that contains the first Voltorb, use the next tile in reading order instead.