On the Subject of Wack Game of Life

Live a wack wack, they wack. They’re wack. Wack just makes wack wack.

This module contains two 6x8 grids that can be switched by a switch, a clear button, a reset button, and a submit button.

To solve the module, submit the 4th stage according to the rules determined by the last 3 stages.

The 2nd grid is the next iteration of the 1st grid using modified Game of Life rules, with the 3rd grid being the next iteration. The amount of squares to make a black square white, or the number of squares a white square has to have to stay alive may be randomized.

The module will strike if an incorrect 4th stage is submitted.

If square is black:
White neighbouring squares = ? Turn white
Otherwise Stay black
If square is white:
?1 ≤ White neighbouring squares ≤ ?2 Stay white
Otherwise Turn black