On the Subject of Walking Cubes

I mean, it's more of a "roll" if you think about it...

  • Present on the module is a cube which is "walking" around the module. The cube has several colored faces. Take note of these faces and their relative orientations.
  • First, align one of the cube nets below over Table 1 in such a way that the colors covered by the net, when folded back into a cube, would match the colors on the cube on the module. Note that the nets may flipped or rotated in the table.
  • Once you determine the correct net to use, take note of the symbols (and their orientations) on each face of the net. Aligning this net with the cube on the module will indicate which symbols are on which faces of the cube. Note: when re-folding the net, the symbols should be oriented OUTWARD.
  • As the cube moves around the 4×4 grid, use the symbol selectors to fill the grid squares that the cube touches such that the placed symbols match (including orientation) the symbol on the cube face which touched the grid square. In other words, answer the question of "if the cube left symbol impressions on the grid below as it moved around, what would the grid look like?"
  • Tap a symbol in the selection bar to select it. Tap the symbol again to rotate it. A green frame indicates which symbol is selected.
  • To change pages for the symbol selectors, press the page indicator button. For easy reference, Table 1 lists the page that each symbol is in.
  • Tap a square in the grid to place the selected symbol. Do not tap a square in the net when no symbol is selected.
  • To disarm the module, all grid squares corresponding to spaces which the walking cube touches must be filled in with the proper symbol in the correct orientation
  • Attempting to place a symbol in an incorrect grid square or an incorrect orientation will incur a strike.

Table 1

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