On the Subject of Wander

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you...

This module contains a screen with a colored maze and four arrow buttons. Identify the walls and color of the maze.

Apply transformations to the maze based on its RGB color components, in the order red, green, blue. (A maze with black walls will appear to be gray.)

  • Red: Horizontally flip the maze.
  • Green: Vertically flip the maze.
  • Blue: Swap the rows and columns of the maze. (For example, A3 becomes C1.)

After applying the necessary transformations to the maze, press the screen in the middle. The maze will disappear, and a large number will appear on the screen.

At this point, you will enter “path planning” mode, in which all positions in the maze will be filled in with a star. (These stars are not seen yet.) Moving in any given direction will cause all stars to move in that direction.

The number on the screen will show how many living stars there are. When a star collides with a wall, it is killed, and the number on the screen will update to show how many stars have survived the movement.

Move around in such a way that there is only one living star. At this point, a coordinate will appear at the bottom of the screen, representing the goal position.

The columns are labeled A through D going from left to right. The rows are labeled 1 through 4 going down. The goal coordinate is not affected by the transformation.

Move the living star to the goal position without colliding with a wall, then press the middle screen to submit.

Moving around in such a way that all stars die, attempting to submit when there are multiple living stars, or submitting when the single living star is not at the goal position will incur a strike and reset the module.

Any time you attempt to submit an answer, or cause all stars to die, the screen will play an animation, showing the list of movements you made.

Upon solving the module, the living star will turn green, and the true orientation of the maze will be revealed.