On the Subject of Watching Paint Dry

It’d be hard for someone who finds this module incredibly boring to describe how they feel.

  • This module contains a fresh stroke of paint, which is one of five colors.
  • One must “watch” the paint dry (i.e. select the module) for a certain amount of time (according to the bomb’s timer).
  • Selecting and unselecting the module within the same second will cause some number of brush stroke sounds to play.
  • The stroke of paint will have been painted at a specific angle (clockwise). A stroke painted at 0° will be completely horizontal.
  • The stroke is considered to be painted from the flatter end to the more jagged end, so a stroke painted at 0° will have the flat end on the left.
  • Use the color and the number of sounds that play in the first table to obtain a letter, then use that letter and the range containing the angle in the second table to obtain the correct amount of time in seconds.
White Red Blue Yellow Black
3 G E A C H
4 G C F H B
5 B E G D F
6 D G H C A
7 E C G A H
8 D H D C F

0° to 90° 16 25 4 32 33 29 21 6
90° to 180° 13 24 15 11 5 10 26 17
180° to 270° 9 12 14 23 27 7 30 31
270° to 360° 34 3 20 28 22 8 18 19

N.B.: Bounds for the ranges listed above are exclusive.