On the Subject of Weird Al Yankovic

Come on and dare to be stupid. It’s so easy to do.

The module shows three words.

Find a word list below that contains all three of those words.

Press the vinyl buttons next to the words in the order they appear in that list.

  • Like, Remove, Skin, Wear, Not, Creepy
  • Chainsaw, Listen, Fight, Babies, Cowboys, Bedbugs
  • Finally, Door, Suspected, Hermaphrodite, Haircut, Nostril
  • Give, Word, Beautiful, Glorious, Sunset, Turd
  • Leveled, Tokyo, Next, Boy, They’d, Out
  • Bombs, Droppin’, Humanity, Last, Shoppin’, Destiny
  • Steamroller, Mom, Shaving, Dropping, Days, All
  • Begging, Bended, Honey, Spit, Inclined, Mind
  • Mime, Hacked, Cleaver, Breath, Watched, Bieber
  • Computer, Down, Hole, Completely, Boulders, Online
  • Little, Love, Crunching, You’ll, Day’s, Weasel’s
  • Madam, Adam, Hoot, Lemons, Melon, Boot
  • Like, Could, Less, Means, Least, Little
  • Mail, Evil, Papercut, Long, Infected, Died
  • Virginia, Santa, Guy, SWAT, Hole, Head
  • Baby, Sleepin’, Yeah, Woofie, Bitch, Goat
  • Shots, Really, Lots, Gevalt, Ferklempt, Plotz
  • Drivin’, Truck, Metal, Luck, Highway, Heels
  • Avoid, Ebola, Lord, Dance, Idiots, Work
  • Compactors, Copper, Cutters, Compressors, Circumcisers, Calculators