On the Subject of Wendithap’n

You know, this question type originated from Louder! Faster! Funnier! and Mock 2, but eventually made its way into “You Don’t Know Jack 4” in Germany, which Jellvision eventually turned into Volume 6: “The Lost Gold” in English. But Th

In its initial state, the module will display the name of the bomb mission you are currently playing.

The button in the bottom-right corner (labeled "B") is the only input on the module. To start the module, press the "B" button.*

The module name displayed at the top is the "control" module. You will compare other modules ("roots") to the "control" module.

Displayed below the "control" module is the current "root." On the Repository of Manual Pages, you may check the publishing date of each module.

  • If the "root" was published BEFORE the "control" module, press BEFORE.
  • If the "root" was published AFTER the "control" module, press AFTER.
  • If the "root" is not a real module, press NEVER.

Use the "B" button* to buzz in when the correct timeline word appears, determined by the above logic.

Buzzing in on a correct answer will move on to the next root, and you'll gain $1,000 for your score. But if you buzz in on an incorrect answer, you'll get a strike and your score will get knocked down $1,000.

Once all seven roots have been answered, the module will solve.

*You can also use the "B" key on your keyboard.