On the Subject of Who’s That Monsplode?

Are you still a fan of some animated series from your childhood? It looks like you stumbled upon another fan.

  • The shadow of a Monsplode™ will appear on the screen.
  • Picking the name of the Monsplode™ correctly will add 20 seconds to the counter.
  • You can’t have more than 80 seconds in the counter.
  • If you make a mistake, the bomb will register a strike.
Monsplode™ Name Monsplode™ Name Monsplode™ Name
Buhar Buhar Lanaluff Lanaluff Magmy Magmy
Bob Bob Melbor Melbor Docsplode Docsplode
Mountoise Mountoise Nibs Nibs Clondar Clondar
Aluga Aluga Lugirit Lugirit Zapra Zapra
Caadarim Caadarim Vellarim Vellarim Ukkens Ukkens
Flaurim Flaurim Gloorim Gloorim Zenlad Zenlad
Zenlad Asteran Zenlad Violan Pouse Pouse
Myrchat Myrchat Cutie Pie Cutie Pie Percy Percy