On the Subject of Widdershins

The superior way to say anti contra counter-clockwise!

  • Turn the arrow to the correct position for all four stages. Press the green button to submit. Press the red button to return to the initial position.
  • Based on the displays, turn the arrow either clockwise or widdershins by a certain amount, from the initial position of the arrow. Use the left arrow button to turn widdershins, the right to turn clockwise.
  • The small display shows by how much to turn the arrow, and the large display shows the direction.

The root of the word means either clockwise or widdershins (counter-clockwise).

Clockwise: Widdershins:
Dextral Sinistral
Forwards Backwards
Dextrorotatory Levorotatory
Right Left

There are also prefixes and suffixes.

Keep the direction the same: Swap the direction:
-handed Counter-
-true Contra-
Super- -not
Ultra- -n’t