On the Subject of Wire Associations

We need help with these cables that run all the way from the top to the bottom of our skyscraper. Unfortunately the elevator is broken.

  • There are a number of wires in this module. You can access either the bottom ends of the wires (which we’ve labeled with numbers for you) or the top ends (labeled with letters) but you don’t know which corresponds to which.
  • At the bottom end, you can connect (twist together) any number of wire ends into any number of groups. When done, press the red button to climb the stairs and get to the top.
  • At the top, press the buttons to find out which wires are connected on the bottom. Once again, you can connect any number of wire ends into any number of groups. Press the red button to descend the stairs back to the bottom.
  • Use the buttons to obtain the connections one last time.
  • The display now shows a letter. Pull on the bottom wire end that corresponds to that letter at the top end.
  • When an incorrect wire is pulled and a strike is given, the wire associations may change.
Note to puzzle enthusiasts: Devising a strategy to solve this module is a difficult but very rewarding puzzle. Consider attempting this puzzle without having the strategy spoiled to you by others.