On the Subject of Wire Placement

Sometimes, the wire may look like a face, calming you down... and then you explode.

  • This module contains a grid of wires.
  • There are always 8 wires on it.
  • Wires can be red, blue, yellow, black or white.
  • In the following table, use only the column corresponding to the color of the wire connected to C3.
  • Cut a wire if it is a specific color and is connected to a specific spot on the grid as indicated in the table.
Wire connected to C3 is
Cut if coloris connected to:
Yellow D2D1D2A2D1
Blue A2C4A1C4D4
White D3D2D4B3B2
White B2C1B4A1C1
Red A1B3C4B2B3
Blue C3C2C1D3B1
Black B1D4A4D2B4
Red C4D3B1C1C2
Yellow A3C3A2A4A3
Yellow D1A1B2B4A4