On the Subject of Wires

Wires are the lifeblood of electronics! Wait, no, electricity is the lifeblood. Wires are more like the arteries. The veins? No matter…

  • A wire module can have 3-6 wires on it.
  • Only the one correct wire needs to be cut to disarm the module.
  • Wire ordering begins with the first on the top.
exactly: blue blue redcut 2nd wire
no redcut 2nd wire
otherwisecut 3rd wire
≥ 2 red & SN oddcut last red wire
last yellow & no redcut 1st wire
1 bluecut 1st wire
≥ 2 yellowcut 4th wire
otherwisecut 2nd wire
last black & SN oddcut 4th wire
1 red & ≥ 2 yellowcut 1st wire
no blackcut 2nd wire
otherwisecut 1st wire
no yellow & SN oddcut 3rd wire
1 yellow & ≥ 2 whitecut 4th wire
no redcut 6th wire
otherwisecut 4th wire