The manual you are attempting to access was part of a manual challenge, due to the success of the challenge but the lack of solvers, I — the creator of the module — highly recommend that you try and deduce the rules to solve Wumbo.

If you wish to solve this, I would recommend doing so in a small group, though the module is approachable enough that it can be solved alone. You are not allowed to look at the source code or logfile, nor click the “REVEAL” button below until after. The grey bars below provide hints if you get stuck, but I would only suggest revealing hints as a last resort. Once completed, please contact me on Discord with the info you’ve gathered and I can confirm whether or not you are correct. If successful, I will add your name to the hall of fame below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Good luck, and have fun.

If you do not wish to solve this, the below button will reveal the manual and not show this message again. Note that by pressing the “REVEAL” button below, the solution will be visible, and the action of seeing the solution cannot be reversed.

Regardless of whether you decide to solve the module or not, I hope you enjoy the module. Oh, and this should go without saying, but do not spoil the module.

Thanks for reading, Blan (Blananas2#6835)

Hint 1 The other variant of the module is the golden ticket.
Hint 2 This module does not require edgework.
Hint 3 Try giving the numbers to Wolfram|Alpha.
Hint 4 The easiest panel to deduce is Dial.
Hint 5 Info needed to solve Mini isn’t needed to solve Wumbo, and vice versa.

Hall of Fame

  • Quinn Wuest and Obvious on 4/1/2022
  • Luminoscity Tim and B3n on 4/6/2022
  • aGood_Usernam3 on 5/21/2022