On the Subject of X

There are so many characters named “X”. Which one is this?

This module initially is covered by a rectangular panel. When highlighted, this module will show the letter X. If you see a Y, you are looking at a different module.

The alarm clock is linked to this module. Pressing the snooze button three times then waiting for two seconds will open the panel. If at least one Y is present, this rule gets swapped with Y. The panel always opens from the bottom.

Once opened, the left square flashes a sequence of black and white, corresponding to a specific row in the image at the bottom of this page, while the right square shows a static coordinate and color.

The left square is white when the seconds remaining on the timer, plus 2 and modulo 30, is white in the same position (starting at 0) in the image.

From the top, take the row’s position (starting at 1), add 10, and press the snooze button that many times. If it is correct, the module will solve after two seconds.

This module connects with other instances of X and Y. If a given answer is correct on some instances but not on all, the correct modules will solve. However, if no instances can accept your answer, Every single unsolved X and Y will strike simultaneously.