On the Subject of Zoos

Ruff! Roar! Meow! Warble! Neigh! Tweet! Mew! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Honk! Baa! Bark! Bellow! Crow! Cha-caw! Buzz! Growl! Ribbit! Coo! Caw! Gobble! Screech! Whinny! Bleat! Hee-haw! Chirrup! Arf! Croak! Chirp! Squawk! Woof! Bow-wow! Cluck! Snort! Yap! Click! Squeal! Oink! Hoot! Moo! Squeak! Howl! Bah-gawk! Purr! Hiss! Quack!

ParallelDVI-DStereo RCASerialPS/2RJ-45

Using the two animals displayed on the module, find the starting position in the grid on the next page.

Refer to the direction chart on the right to translate port types to a direction.

Out of the port types whose associated direction allows you to form a straight line of 5 animals from the starting position, find the line pertaining to the port type of which the bomb has the most ports (including zero) that is not tied with another such port type.

If no port type satisfies this condition, form a straight line of 5 animals by moving two steps at a time. There is always only one direction in which this is possible.

Open the sliding door on the module. Press the animals in the order they appear in the line. Avoid pressing the animals that aren’t in the line. You must do this within 6 seconds before the door closes again.

ParallelDVI-DStereo RCASerialPS/2RJ-45