On te Subject of Te Eigt Letter of te Englis Lexicon

We started wit a manual tat only ad te eigt letter of te alpabet, now tere’s one completely devoid of it! At least wen needed we can use |-|.

Tis module consists of a large letter |-| wit one to twenty-six smaller ones between te larger |-|. Tese letters left tis manual, wanting to become a module, and now you need to solve it.

Count te number of small |-|s on te module, convert tis number to its alpabetic position, and submit tis letter in Morse using te status ligt to solve tis module. Inputting an invalid Morse sequence will register a strike, but will not reset.

olding te status ligt for more tan one second will add a das to your sequence. Any old tat is less tan one second will instead add a dot. olding for longer tan tree seconds will erase your entire sequence. Not interacting wit te module for two seconds after inputting will submit your sequence.