On the Subject of osu!


This module requires the expert to have access to the World Wide Web.

  • This module contains a big canvas and a text box .
  • The text box will contain the information of a certain ranked/loved/approved beatmap in osu!. This information includes the name of the song, the author of the song, and the mapper of the map.
  • Submit the correct background picture of the beatmap to solve the module. There are a total of 5 background pictures.
  • Press the canvas to cycle through all the images.
  • If you have an osu! account:

  • Look for your osu! beatmap in the osu! Beatmap Listing page.
  • If you don't have an osu! account:

  • Here are some reliable sources for solving this module:
  • Once you have set the canvas to the correct image, press the text box to submit and solve the module. If you submitted a wrong backgroung image, a strike will be incurred.
  • Upon a strike, a new beatmap information will be displayed in the text box and new images will be replaced in the canvas.